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About a Bull

Self Published
The Lorien Gendarme Guidebook for Adventuring Standards, 2011 (with Jonathan Hill)
Cross Country, 2009
Myrtle-Willoughby, 2009
I Will Feast On Your Whore Heart, 2008
Pale Fire 2006
Catfight, 2005

Short Comics

Girls Who Are Boys Chainmail Bikini, 2015
Save By The Bell Presents: Bayside Warriors, Lions Forge, 2014
The Titular Hero, drawn by Jonathan Hill for, 2013
Times I’ve Been Mistaken For A Man, written by Beth Lisick for The Big Feminist But, 2013
The Cute Girl Network: A Dumpable Offense, written with Greg Means & drawn by Joe Flood for Runner, Runner 2013
There’s An Unseen World All Around Us, drawn by Rich Tommaso, for Runner, Runner 2012
My Boyfriend … Or My Kitty?, drawn by Drew Weing for Papercutter #15, 2011
Filmdate, for Galago, 2009
Best Dance Ever, for I Saw You…: Missed Connections 2009
Jerk Ghost! The Work Ghost, drawn by Liz Baillie for Awesome 2: Awesomer, 2009
Americus, for Papercutter #72008
Mrs. Jeremy Dellorso, for Project: Romantic 2007
The Girls’ Guide To Guys’ Stuff, edited for Friends of Lulu, 2007
Copykat, drawn by Laura Tallardy, 2006