mk reed

MK Reed at Quimby’s in chicago, on the Punchbuggy Tour 2009.

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  1. I picked up americus on a whim at the local library, and I really enjoyed how well conceived the ancillary characters were. Despite a good number of them having very little time on the page, the vast majority still manage to read very earnestly.

    You’re antagonist however is a touch on the side of one-dimensional, which makes her easy to side against as the reader, however at times she appear to be over the top. Specially, when she cries “I speak for god.” And while on the subject I think you missed a real oppurtunity by not having the antagonist’s husband attempt token gesture toward the younger daughter’s obvious grief.

    In closing, it’s an impressive skill for author to make a character with less than twenty lines of dialogue read like a living person and I look forward to reading further efforts.



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